Choosing Mascara Brush

Without the right method, you can’t have the lashes you love. Even with all the brush shapes to pick from, choosing mascara brush might feel a little like a 9th-grade math class (and none wants to go back to high school, particularly when it comes to anything that’s supposed to be pleasant like makeup). And […]

Curling Wand Vs Curling Iron

making curls

It’s time to confront the rising debate of curling iron” versus “curling wand.  So, when the curling wand was introduced, I think all of you (just like me) seemed pretty confused. I preferred the curling iron, but then this revolutionary machine came along and highlighted the cons of using a curling iron. So, what is this […]

Advantages of Having Foot Bath


Dousing your toes in a steamy water bath does far more than merely relieve stress and relieve your muscles; foot soaks seem to have the capability to alleviate side effects from sore throats to abdominal discomfort and more. Ultimate stress relief is perhaps one of the most apparent benefits of having foot soaks. Yet, studies […]

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