Choosing Mascara Brush

Without the right method, you can’t have the lashes you love. Even with all the brush shapes to pick from, choosing mascara brush might feel a little like a 9th-grade math class (and none wants to go back to high school, particularly when it comes to anything that’s supposed to be pleasant like makeup). And how precisely is it that one goes about deciphering all the hourglass, circular and wavy forms to picking the right mascara brush for lashes? For you, we are here to break it down: naturally with a little support from the specialists.

  • brush for lashesWhich Came Initially, The Methodology or The Wand?

If you assume that all those fancy wand sizes and shapes are mostly about smart ads than real purpose, you’re and are about to be schooled. Thus, according to Sarah Vickery, Ph.D., chief scientist at CoverGirl Cosmetics, the formula is not the only factor you need to remember while searching for mascara. You may take the same mask and apply it with various brushes and appear entirely different. Vicky claims the formula, as well as the meeting, must work together.

  • Are You Searching for Fast Payoffs or Results?

There are two groups of mascara customers: those who are doing three swipes and label them nice and those who add mascara like Mona Lisa. If you’re the “fast comb-through” kind, use a wand to hold a ton of product while those few swipes can thoroughly coat your lashes. Vickery prefers a conventional wire brush (from over newer plastic brushes) because it takes up a lot of mascara which delivers this to the lash base. However, you might use a rubber bristle. Choose one with a small center (the rod that the strands poke out of). The fatter the heart, the more product you’ll get when you take it out of the tube. Since twisted wire wands are not as effective at holding lashes clump-free, any that are higher-maintenance with their mascara application can use a rubber brush & mdash: this will enable you to apply over and over again sans clumping.

A basic rule of thumb when selecting a mascara wand: how well the rod feels is how it would be applied. A fat and fluffy brush can create big, fat, and soft lashes. Having bigger than life and thicker is the most popular look that women get, Vickery says. But if you want to pump up wimpy lashes, choose either a warped wire brush or even a plastic brush that’s large and fat.

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